welcome to grits & chopsticks!

Welcome!  After five years of blogging on The Gravy Train and months of hard work with Rekita of Rekita Nicole Designs, I am so excited to launch my new blog, Grits & Chopsticks. The revamp and new name are something I’ve wanted to do for awhile, and with a push from my sisters, has finally become a reality.

Grits & Chopsticks is, at its heart, the same blog as it used to be.  It’s still about food, my unhealthy obsession with it, my love for my family and our ever-moving entourage of chaos.

There are, however, some new features to this site to check out.


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ice cream for a good cause


Much to our surprise, Meimei doesn’t have much of a sweet tooth.  Her brother will lick a dessert plate clean, but he also orders “off the menu” at restaurants, frequently asking our waitresses if they have any pan-seared fish to order. So yeah, he’s a different kind of bird.

We have, however, discovered Meime’s sweet weakness: ice cream. Over on Charleston Grit today, I’m highlighting a fundraiser being held by Haagen-Dazs for Bert’s Big Adventure, an Atlanta-based nonprofit that sends kids with chronic and terminal illnesses and their families to Disney World on an all-expenses paid trip. I lived in Atlanta a lifetime ago and was a regular listener The Bert Show on the radio. Bert, the host of the show, started this organization in 2002 and each year, right before the trip leaves, he shares the heartbreak and the joy that these families experience.  I’d listen to these stories on my morning commute and cry and laugh all the way to work. You can imagine what I looked like by the time I got to the office.

Yeah, that’s right. Crazy town.

eating our town through a tour


A Prince Edward Island Oyster, sous vide (or “firmed”) with sunflower seeds, tomato vinaigrette, microgreens and radishes, all sitting on top of whipped salt

The folks over at Charleston Culinary Tours extended an invitation to us recently to join them on their downtown culinary tour. We had a special Valentine’s Day this year on one of their tours and were glad to have the opportunity to be repeat customers.


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