maine in between


One of the twins in the twin lobster condo at Dock’s Seafood in South Portland, Maine

Last month, in between all of the moving and the packing and the renovating, we dumped our stuff and ran all the way up to Maine, where my cousin Grace was getting married. We flew into New Hampshire, and as soon as we crossed over the border into Maine we were on a hunt for lob-stah.



After some hemming and hawing (how many lobsters? where? how quickly?), we settled on Dock’s Seafood in South Portland, a decidedly local affair tucked just off a busy street in South Portland (although in Maine, are streets every truly busy?). The lobster and their house made lobster bisque were mind-blowingly delicious; the over two-hour wait we weathered while we waited for our order (placed at the counter) with hungry preschoolers who’d traveled 500+ miles earlier that day was not as awesome. Nevertheless, it was so tasty that we’ve already planned how we would theoretically overcome the slow service on our next visit (keywords: advance team).

As for the rest of Maine, well . . .


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kitchen reno: hardware goes boom

hhgritsOur kitchen features the 128mm Studio collection pulls from Hickory Hardware in Bright Nickel

Okay, friends: it’s confession time.

Every time I walk into my kitchen, I’m squealing and clapping my hands in my head. Sometimes I forget that my thoughts are the words I don’t say out loud, so I just end up standing in the middle of my kitchen squealing like a teenage fangirl who just got her first glimpse of Bieber. Other times, I just lay my right cheek down on our cool quartz countertops (LG Viatera in Rococo) and sigh.

I know. I’m not well.

I’m planning several posts about our kitchen renovation, and I’d like to start with a shout out to Hickory Hardware, the company that graciously provided us with all of our cabinet pulls. Early in our renovation process, we’d decided that the most budget-friendly option for cabinets for our needs were from IKEA. We picked ADEL off-white cabinet doors for our kitchen (as I quickly learned, IKEA sells cabinets in a package with AKURUM base cabinets and RATIONELL interior fittings, like drawer dividers and brackets and whatnot). However — and I mean no offense to IKEA — I wanted a higher-end look that didn’t necessarily scream “IKEA!!!” the second someone walked into the kitchen.


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