little plate of happiness: roti babi


The roti babi, or pork sandwich, is Malaysia’s answer to the classic Italian porchetta sandwich.  Naturally, any type of pork sandwich reminds me of my roots, so as soon as I read about Yut Kee coffee house, one of Kuala Lumpur’s oldestkopitiams (traditional coffee shops) I knew I had to meet this tasty little guy.  My roti babi didn’t disappoint.  The bread, fluffy and generously buttered, is seared in a hot pan to give it a golden-brown, slightly crispy texture.  The sandwich arrives at your table stuffed full of slow-roasted pork, caramelized onions and thick rounds of Chinese sausage, accompanied by shreds of lettuce and slices of tomato and cucumber.  Along with a cup of strong iced coffee, the beans of which are roasted in-house, the entire meal will set you back less than $3 USD.

rbgac1An old radio and a vintage GE fan fill a windowsill at Yut Kee, a reminder of its past

As for the coffee house itself, it’s a great throwback to what I imagine “old” Kuala Lumpur must have been like.  The place has been around for more than 85 years, and in every corner are hints of another era.

rbgac3Diners at Yut Kee clamor for roti babi, fried rice, and a heavenly pork chop

Yut Kee Coffee House | 35 Jalan Dang Wangi | Kuala Lumpur
Open 7 days a week, 8AM-5PM


  1. says

    Look, I’m just telling you what it was. The feelings you choose to extrapolate from my description are entirely up to you.

  2. Merp says

    Thought the third item was going to be a condiment, and then – bam! – thick rounds of Chinese sausage. Why don’t we all live in KL with you?

  3. says

    Yeah, that sausage bit really does warm the heart, right? Why DON’T you all live in KL with us? We have the space!

  4. G says

    You’re MY little plate of happiness (especially when you’re stuffed full of pork and sausage…)