little plate of happiness: peanut relapse


This morning, I really wanted to start sharing with you the delicious food we’ve had during our visit here in the U.S., but my mind keeps drifting back to this dessert we had when we were in Beijing two weeks ago.  One night, we met up with one of my old childhood friends and his family to have a delightful traditional Beijing roast duck dinner.  Afterwards, even though we were stuffed to the gills with duck, our Beijing hosts insisted that we have a peanut shaved ice (pictured above) at a nearby late-night diner.  I was pretty reluctant to stuff myself even more than I already had that night, but that reluctance melted away as soon as this tower of icy goodness slid onto our table.   This house specialty tasted just like cold, smooth peanut butter ice cream, except that it was much more delicate.  With crunchy chopped peanuts sprinkled liberally on top, this dessert was a satisfying end to the night.  And by satisfying, I mean food coma-inducing, immediate nap-producing, good.

Bellagio | 35 Xiaoyun Lu | Chaoyang District | Open late, everday | Beijing | China


  1. Amy says

    I had that at the Bellagio with the Hwas too! Except in Shanghai! And in 2004! Tell me you tried their mango tapioca… tell me…

  2. Becca says

    Um, can you work on finding a recipe for that fabulousness?

  3. says

    We did, but there’s actually an even better mango pomelo ice in KL that we love. I’ll take you there when you come to visit!