making thanksgiving bright


Thanksgiving centerpieces made easy from IKEA supplies

We’re preparing for multiple Thanksgivings here at Gravy Central.  Back in the U.S., I’d be busily assembling all of my supplies to brine a turkey and make all the fixings necessary for a big, traditional meal.  This year, I’m going on my second year of not roasting or hosting a turkey dinner, after my grandmother insisted that I make her a prime rib last year.  Since we’ve been invited to a few dinners here this year, we’ve decided to wait to make our Festivus meal when my sisters and brother-in-law trek over to KL next month.

Instead, I’m busily in the process of assembling and making decorations for the American Association Thanksgiving, including these easy-peasy centerpieces I made from IKEA supplies.


With a $1.99 Pilitig vase from IKEA, a little bit of ribbon (the Onska beige ribbon), a 4-inch candle in a pretty fall color (orange, green or purple Florera Fin candle), and some silk leaves, I was able to crank out about 15 of these in just under an hour.

How are you getting ready for Thanksgiving?  Do you have any easy decorating ideas?  I’m all ears and eyes!