scenes from an international move


As they say in Malaysia, we’re finished ‘reddie (finished already).  The movers came and left, taking with them all 178 (!) neatly-packed boxes.


Moving trucks are much tinier here than back home, so they had to come back and forth 4 times to carry our 8 crates (holding those 178 boxes).  Luckily, the Gravy Baby loves, loves, loves boxes.  And packing materials.  And movers.


By the end of the day yesterday, I was relieved but a little sad.  Our Malaysia chapter is ending, and even though I’m excited about the next one, it’s a bittersweet farewell.  We’ll miss our friends (even the ones we made here who have already moved on) and, of course, the food.  There’s a mini-gorging going on right now as we try to savor our favorites (one more steamer of xiao loong bao, please).

But onwards and upwards!  By Friday we’ll be Stateside.  Boleh, boleh (can, can)!