a good food sunday


Cherry tomatoes in season at Dupont Farmer’s Market

Last Sunday was a good food day.

6a011570d70884970b0154349a0fcd970c-650wiThe way carrots should look, with their nice green tops; melons; and likewise, Mr. Cured Meat Vendor

We spent our morning revisiting the Dupont Circle Farmer’s Market.  I was a little sad that our hotel room doesn’t have a kitchen so that I could take advantage of the gorgeous peaches and tomatoes in season.


The scene at Dupont Farmer’s Market

When we’re not having lunch or dinner out with friends, we’re making do with a crock pot (for things like  curried lentil and potato stew for the Gravy Baby) and one of those hot pots everyone had in college (for mixing formula, boiling pasta, and just about anything else I can make in a 32-ounce plastic bowl).


Left to right: eggplant and tomato ragu; middle: slow-cooked ribs finished on the grill; and delicious grilled chicken

Of course, we also have the kindness of our friends to give us a home-cooked meal every now and again, as we found at our friend Jeff’s house.  We used to live across the hall from Jeff, and he was like Kramer, always popping by to snag a snack or two.  After we left he got much, much better at cooking for himself.

Now we’re the lucky ones.