reflecting on fall food


Sorry for the long food silence, Gravyheads.  The chilly Charleston winter (read: it was 50 degrees) hit our tropic climate-warmed blood, and everyone in our family has been fighting colds for the last two weeks.  Now that it’s warmed up to a much more reasonable 75 degrees, I’m able to go back and revisit some of our finer food moments that we enjoyed while sniffling and sneezing our way through it all.  First up: a fresh apple pie, home-baked with local, organic Braeburn apples.


Another high point was this pomegranate, avocado, shallot and shaved Parmesan salad I made tossed with a light apple cider vinaigrette.


And we found a way to help the Gravy Baby enjoy the one food he dislikes — eggs.  I fried up some potatoes and onions, then added lightly beaten eggs and voila!  Spanish tortilla, a toddler favorite.

The peak of our food fun from the last few weeks, though, has to be Lobster Night.  I remember when my parents used to buy lobsters when I was a kid.  As a kid, cracking those lobster shells and fighting over the claws — even though no specific night or specific lobster sticks in my memory, I remember the nights we spent eating them just felt special.  And so, when the opportunity arose to buy some lobsters at a school fundraiser, I jumped at the chance to give the Gravy Baby an experience I used to have as a kid.

I’m happy to report that the Gravy Baby enjoys a good claw.  Even if the whole experience was completely mind-blowing to his thirteen month-old self.


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    This food looks amazing Ann! You are making me hungry! Hope you are doing well! – Grace