i smell christmas

Here’s how I know it’s Christmas:

– I’m rushing around trying to wrap gifts and find everyone’s addresses so I can send out our New Year’s cards (no, I did not hand print or design them myself this year; have you seen my toddler, a/k/a Flash Gordon?).  If you’ve moved in the last year, can you let me know?

– There are at least 3 people sitting at our Christmas Eve dinner table whom I’ve never met before (thanks to my mom and dad’s propensity to invite anyone who’s a friend of a friend of a friend).

– My dad has roasted at least two of his specialty Eight Treasure Ducks (so called because the glorious sticky rice inside contains eight delectable ingredients, including shiitake mushrooms and shrimp).

– Per family tradition, I’m trying to think what my Christmas morning karaoke selection will be.  Everyone must take a turn at the machine.  Everyone.

Merry Christmas to all!