holy mother’s, that’s a good omelet


When I was little, I really wanted to grow up to be an inventor.  I went through a whole phase where I was obsessed with Thomas Edison, creator of the light bulb.  Not only did we share a birthday (albeit 132 years apart), but I thought it was amazing how hard he tried and how long he experimented before actually coming up with the predecessor for the modern-day light bulb.

I’ll pause for a moment and let the extreme nerdiness of what I’ve just told you marinate.

Anyway, I’ve always thought it would be awesome to be an inventor, but not because I think I can persist tirelessly in the face of failure, but because of the fame, money and glory that being the inventor of something amazing would be.  Kind of like coming up with Instagram, but not so much like the creator of the Segway, who way oversold what his invention would mean to humanity.

The problem, of course, is what I’ve already identified earlier: I don’t have the drive, the capital resources, or the time to make any ideas a reality.  Minor details.  Instead, I’ve dedicated my life to just getting really excited when someone else comes up with something that I think is a significant and meaningful contribution to the world.


Which is why, when we were in New Orleans this past weekend, I was thrilled to eat a crawfish etoufee omelet for the first time.  I mean, seriously.  A perfectly golden, fluffy omelet wrapped around some of the most amazingly delicious crawfish etouffee, topped with even more etouffee, and then accompanied with a biscuit?

If I were Mother’s, I’d run out and get a patent on that business.

Mother’s | 401 Poydras | New Orleans, LA


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    Next time you’re in Baton Rouge get yourself to The Chimes stat. Boudin omelet. I still think about that moment I ate it nearly 3 years ago. YUM!!