berry good


It’s strawberry season here in Charleston, and the entire Gravy family has been gobbling them down by the pint.  Every time I’ve passed through our local farmer’s market, I can’t help myself — I end up picking up box after box of them, until the hubby exasperatedly asked me this past weekend what on earth I planned on doing with that many strawberries.

Luckily, with a friend coming into town, I thought his arrival would be the perfect occasion to bake a strawberry cake.  I started with an absolutely delicious-looking cake from this well-known blog lady, and adapted it by soaking the strawberry filling overnight with a few teaspoons of brown sugar and balsamic vinegar (instead of the white sugar called for in the recipe).  As with most cake recipes, I also cut the sugar levels called for in the recipe; the hubby and I like our desserts a little less sweet. (Of course, ardent bakers will tell you that the sugar is necessary for the chemistry of the cake to turn out right, but I’ve found cutting the sugar content by 1/4 to a 1/3 rarely makes for a noticeable difference.)

The best part of the cake, predictably, was the cream cheese icing, which was fluffy and delightful.  I know there are a ton of amazing icings out there, but really, is there anything better than a nice soft dollop of cream cheese icing?

Sigh.  I’m getting all misty-eyed just thinking about it.