on y va

Sitting underneath a table and munching on comte at Marche Provencale, the market right behind the house we’re staying at

We are in France!

The Gravy Baby is right at home in Antibes, in the south.  So far we’ve discovered that he loves cave-aged manchego (no more than 24 months, just like him), running through the cobblestoned streets, and making local friends with his stash of Sesame Street stickers.


Yes, that would be the Mediterranean sea right behind the Gravy Baby


Brokering peace with an Elmo sticker

The highlight so far has to be when he tasted Provencal seafood for the first time.  He reached across his high chair and grabbed the hubby’s hand and mine with each of his.  Linking all of our hands together, he rested his chin on top and said, “Mommy.  Daddy.  Happy.”




  1. says

    Hi Ann
    Let me be the first to say…I want to be there too!!!
    To feel the salty wind from the Med, and to taste those juicy, succulent tomato-saucy mussels! And lots of chilled wine from somewhere nearby. My crunchy baguette would be in the pot, quicker than the speed of anything. Soaking up the goodness right from it!
    Enjoy your time there, my friends!