life and eats, lately

From left to right, top to bottom, here’s what my iPhone says we’ve been up to lately:

Bun thit nuong at Mi Xao Restaurant in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina (yes, really!  and it’s delicious!).

Lemon pound cake I made to thank the Gravy Baby’s swim teacher for teaching him how to swim and, more importantly, for putting up with his theatrics every week.

The Gravy Baby got a new short haircut and grew up like, 3 years in the past 3 weeks (Big boy underpants! Big boy bed!  Big boy attitude!).

I am undertaking my Most Ambitious DIY Project Ever: a custom slipcover for our sofa.  Step 1: prewash and iron 18 yards of fabric, as learned from this funny lady’s tale of woe.

Weeknight dinner last week: pre-marinated bulgolgi (Korean barbecue) from Trader Joe’s, homemade Korean potato salad and miso soup.

At the elementary school near our house, the Gravy Baby shocks, awes and terrifies me with his climbing abilities.  The hubby is much calmer about it.


  1. Rita says

    Hey Ann,
    The only problem with The Gravy Baby turning into a Big Boy is that it means soooooo much time has passed since the KL baby shower! (and it seems like last week!!) He’s so cute!!!
    Anyway, your bulgolgi food posting reminded me of the time our coffee/cooking group ate lunch at the Korean restaurant in the Pavilion Mall. My first taste of K BBQ! As it happens, Trader Joe’s just opened a new store three blocks from my house – who knew I had passed by a pre-marinated bulgolgi opportunity! I’ll be heading back to get some and thinking of the 3 1/2 of you!
    Thanks for the tip!

  2. says

    Hi Rita! I know — too much time has passed since KL! I miss those days. That Korean lunch at PavilionKL (oh, Pavilion) was so good. Definitely check out the Trader Joe’s bulgolgi – we love it!

    Hope all is well for you in Houston! Take care!