baking in the new year

Happy New Year!  How was your holiday?

Ours was pretty quiet here in Charleston.  We stayed put because of Gravy Too’s impending arrival (although some days now it feels like I’ve been pregnant for a thousand months).

I also baked.  Actually, I only kind of baked.  It was unseasonably warm most days, and between the bun in my oven and the actual heat from our kitchen oven, I felt like I was sweltering in Malaysia again.  Instead, I found some good no-bake options (see below) to give to the Gravy Baby’s preschool teachers and family.

Hanging around the house has also given me some extra time to learn how to use Photoshop Elements, finally.  After almost four years of blogging (yes, it’s been that long!), I’m tired of waffling between various photo editing options on the internet, and it’s one of my New Year’s resolutions to teach myself how to properly edit and blog photos, once and for all.  Above is my first attempt — you’ll have to bear with me as I figure it all out.  I’m open to your input!  If you’re still reading about our quiet little life, I want to hear from you.

Recipes for the above-pictured treats are below (now that the holidays are over, you can just omit the Christmas-colored snazzle I added to our treats):

Smitten Kitchen’s salted brown butter rice krispie treats (Warning: these are seriously addictive; you might have to double the recipe just to get enough to give away.  Of course, not that I would know anything about that.)

Real Simple’s No-Bake Chocolate, Peanut Butter and Oatmeal Cookies (I halved the sugar in these guys and still found them plenty sweet)

All Recipe’s Gingerbread Biscotti (Amazingly easy to make, but dipping them in white chocolate as one reviewer suggested turned mine into an unmitigated, clumpy disaster.  I’d suggest drizzling them with white icing instead)