How to Throw an Epic 4th of July Bash

4th of july
Clockwise, from top left: red, white and blue party bunting, $5 || s’mores kit, $40 || uncle sam headbands, $8 for 12 || kate spade gingham serving tray, $40 || emile henry kebab stone, $80 || giant outdoor connect four game, $20 || football-shaped charcoal grill, $50 || large acrylic drinks cooler, $15 || beer pong kit, $11 || gingham hostess dress, $129

Looking forward to the 4th of July and some serious barbecuing after sending out an appropriately-themed Paperless Post invitation? Today I’ve got a list of the best gear to throw an epic 4th of July bash!

Red White and Blue Party Bunting, $5

Bunting is big in the UK, and living here, it’s hard not to get bitten by the bunting bug. It’s festive and easy to reuse, especially if you buy a fabric version like this one. Instead of cheap paper decorations that get tossed after one use, I now have several buntings in various color schemes for each major holiday. I use these Command hooks that stay up all year over the double-doors leading to our dining room, and switch out the bunting depending on the occasion.

S’mores Maker, $40

S’mores are a distinctly American tradition, and no dessert is more suited for the 4th of July, when the fires under the grill are already lit and ready for some marshmallow roasting action. If you’re living in the city like we are, with limited access to open flames, this handy little s’mores maker has an electric heating element in the middle to let you toast your marshmallows to gooey perfection and give your chocolate pieces just the right amount of melt.

Uncle Sam party headbands, $8 for 12

There’s nothing like good, festive headgear to get party guests into the spirit. These top hat/American flag combo headbands add pop to a people gathering while saying, “Hey, America, we’re not taking ourselves too seriously.” In this day and age, a little laughter goes a long way, right?

Kate Spade Melamine Gingham Tray, $40

This rustic but casual melamine tray by designer Kate Spade has a lot going for it. It’s cute, with a twinge of Americana, but also functional — the melamine makes it usable outdoors, and dishwasher safe, to boot.

Emile Henry Kebab Stone, $80

If you’ve ever made kebabs on the grill, you know that it can be a dicey situation. Using wooden kebabs without soaking them is akin to lighting a tiny forest on fire on your grill, and if the heat’s too high, you’ll end up with scorched little hunks of meat sandwiched in between completely blackened veggies. This Emile Henry kebab stone promises even, indirect heat distribution, meaning that you’ll have juicy, tender kebabs with none of the hassle.

Giant Outdoor Connect 4 Game, $20

There’s something really appealing about playing giant versions of classic games outdoors, like giant Jenga or a big limbo setup. This giant Connect 4 game is no exception.

Acrylic Drink Cooler, $15

Sometimes you just need a good bucket. This drink cooler is sturdy, attractive and easy to wash. We keep two in our house for parties — one for juice boxes and one for adult beverages.

Football Charcoal Grill, $50

Nothing says 4th of July more than a good portable grill, especially one that you can use as double duty for a tailgate once fall rolls around. It’s shaped like a football for obvious reasons: because oval-shaped domes make great use of steam circulation for keeping meat moist. KIDDING!

Beer Pong Kit, $11

What’s more American than red plastic drinking cups, Ping Pong balls, and good ol’ American brews? Um, nothing. This kit will get you started with the essentials to making your own beer pong game at your next 4th of July party. If you’re a teetotaler or looking for a kid-friendly option, some enterprising folks use pickle juice or straight lemon juice.

Gingham Dress, $129

No party is complete without a hostess with the mostest. Put your best foot forward with this adorable but comfortable gingham dress by Anne Klein (available at Nordstrom). Not only will you match the decor, but the gingham pattern is perfect for masking party stains, like that unfortunate beer pong incident (come on, we all know it’s going to happen).

Looking for some great 4th of July recipes? Check these out!

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