holiday gift guide for the tech foodie

Check out this 2017 holiday gift guide for tech foodie in your life, all under $150!
1. Hyperchiller Iced Drink Cooler, $30 // 2. Instant Pot Multi Cooker, $89 // 3. Amazon Echo Dot, $50 // 4. Anova Wifi Precision Cooker, $112 // 5. Kitchen Safe,$50 // 6. Goat GINA Bluetooth Coffee Maker, $100 // 7. Drop Wireless Kitchen Scale & App, $80 // 8. Automatic Food Vacuum Sealer and Digital Scale, $80 // 9. Car Laptop & Food Tray, $13 // 10. Breville Smoking Gun Hand Smoker, $100 // 11. Electric Salt & Pepper Mill,$29 // 12. Perfect Drink Smart Scale, $75 // 13. HAPILABS Bluetooth-Enabled Smart Fork, $62

Today’s roundup is all about that gadget-loving, tech foodie in your life. You know the one — that guy or gal who has to have the latest in everything, especially if it pairs with your smartphone. My holiday gift guide for the tech foodie even goes one step further in making sure that gadgetry doesn’t necessarily have to break the bank. All of these high-tech toys are under $150. Enjoy!

1. Hyperchiller Iced Drink Cooler ($30): The uses for this drink chiller, which promises to make iced coffee or tea in under a minute, are actually limitless. I can see room temperature white wine brought down to its optimum crispness and smoothies that have lost their chill brought back into the slushie zone.

2. Instant Pot Multi-Cooker ($89): If you haven’t already, buy this thing (and make sure you check out Black Friday sales — they’re almost always discounted). More than just a slow cooker, this pot makes everything from stews to yogurt a snap. I love the pressure cooker function and have used it to shorten the time for everything from Mexican pibil to chickpea dhal.

3. Amazon Echo Dot ($50): I bought one of these during a super sale on Amazon, and it’s turned out to be my most used tech gadget in the kitchen. No more sticky fingers on smartphones trying to fiddle with timers — I just use the voice-activated Alexa (built-in to the Echo Dot) to set my cooking time. I can also ask Alexa to help me convert British recipes, which use the metric system, to our American imperial measuring (cups, tablespoons) without having to dirty my laptop. Oh, and the included Prime Music selection (over 3 million songs) means that I’m always moving and grooving while cooking.

4. Anova Culinary Precision Wifi Cooker ($112): If you’re looking to dabble in sous vide (immersion cooking in vacuum sealed bags), look no further than this handy, space-saving gadget. In addition to working over your Wifi connection (which means you can leave the kitchen while the Anova does the hard work), the free app comes with countless recipes to try.

5. Kitchen Safe ($50): No more being proverbially caught with your hand in the cookie jar. Instead of overindulging on this year’s Christmas treats, use the Kitchen Safe to set a timer that will lock you out of your goodies. Sure, it’s a little cruel, but hey, someone has to watch our waists when we won’t, right?

6. Goat GINA Bluetooth Coffee Maker ($100): Expected to ship in December 2017, this handy gadget takes the guesswork out of perfect coffee, from cold brew, pour over or immersion style coffee. There’s even a built-in scale to make sure you measure exactly the right amount of ground coffee for your perfect cup.

7. Drop Wireless Kitchen Scale ($80): This handy kitchen scale literally takes the guesswork out of cooking. With the free app, you can navigate recipes step by step and measure even the tiniest amounts with precision. Even better is that you can scale your recipes up or down without having to calculate the amounts yourself!

8. Food Vacuum Sealer and Digital Scale ($80): Vacuum sealing your food should be a no-brainer; it preserves food longer and prevents contamination. For the minimalist tech foodie, this vacuum sealer pulls double duty by also having a built-in scale, making portioning out meats and veggies a breeze.

9. Car Laptop and Food Tray ($13): The lowest tech item on this list may just be the most useful. Sure, we don’t like to admit that we eat in our cars, but play dates, after-school activities and meetings on the go sometimes just necessitates it. Avoid turning your car into a crumb-covered mobile shantytown with this little food tray that attaches to a steering wheel, making car meals just slightly more dignified.

10. Breville Smoking Gun Food Smoker ($100): During winter, it’s hard to justify standing outside and freezing your wallies off for that charred, smoky flavor in grilled meat. Make it easier with this little handheld smoker.

11. Electric Salt & Pepper Mill ($29): Is it super lazy to have an electric salt and pepper mill? Mayyyybe.  Do I still want one? Yes.

12. Perfect Drink Pro Smart Scale ($75): For the tech foodie who prefers to drink his dinner, this handy little scale, when paired with the free app, provides step-by-step instructions and weights on making over 400 cocktails. If you accidentally pour too much, the scale and app automatically adjust to help you maintain balance in your bevvie. If you purposely pour too much, however…

13. HAPILABS Bluetooth Smart Fork ($62): If you’re looking to serve up a little guilt along with your Christmas cheer, this smart fork helps your tech foodie regulate how much food they’re eating. Sigh, I need this, but I don’t know if I want this.

Looking for other gift ideas? Check out my holiday gift guide for kid foodies here!

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