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As you’ve probably noticed, we’re eating at home more often these days.  Part of it might be that nesting instinct I hear so much about, and part of it is because we eat much healthier at home than we do whenever we go out and try a new place.  Going somewhere new, we always feel the need to order three or four or five dishes to split between the two of us (the hubby and I are a feast or famine kind of exploratory diner, I’ve discovered).  Plus, eating at home gives me a chance to experiment with cooking all sorts of dishes and ingredients that I usually don’t make, including skirt steak, which I used to only associate with fajitas.

Even though it’s a fairly uncommon cut to find here in Kuala Lumpur, I’ve realized that skirt steak is a super easy, affordable cut to marinate overnight and throw on our cast-iron griddle the next evening (we don’t have outdoor space here, so no grilling for us).  Searing skirt to medium rare only takes about 3-4 minutes per side on high heat.  The few times we’ve had it, I’ve made some vegetable accompaniment, like this pineapple and bell pepper stir-fry, pictured above.  Together with some black beans and rice, the hubby gets a simple, one-dish meal with lots of flavor, and I get to calm what I’ve affectionately come to know as the “meat shakes.”

Here are some recipes I’ve tried recently, just to get you started:

A simple, tangy marinade available at Epicurious, with many ingredients you might have on hand

Even though this jerk marinade is mainly for chicken, I marinated one of our hunks of skirt in this, and it was deliciously warm and flavorful

Excellent black beans and rice recipe from the New York Times (I didn’t have ham hocks on hand, but some friends and I got together and cured and froze some salt pork a few months back, and it worked like a charm for a substitute)

This paprika butter skirt steak is on my list to try next

And lastly, this diner’s simple philosophy on skirt steak is exactly why I like it


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I’m ready for you to get back to the states and open a restaurant!

Hugs and love to all three of you. Hope the next few weeks go by as comfortably as possible!

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